Monday, 11 September 2017


Dear Gil
 We have been back home for a week only and it was so much to do after a long holiday (we had to go into our comman duties again and it is really hard đŸ˜¢) that I haven't found time to write.
I have a bit time only, and started to thanks all of our guides and peoples which we met in Brazil; first of all - you.

Gil, all you organised for us was excellent. We remind with a big pleasure that 3 wonderful days we spent with you.  We appreciate your effort to make our stay at the most enjoyable.
All, be in our memory forever.
Thanks to you it was really excellent experience for all of us -  we saw so many wonderful places,birds,plants; we knew much about them and had many exciting experiences. We never forgot your stories and capirinias which you made for us đŸ™‚, night on a board and in a forest.
It was a magic time.
Many thanks Gil.

Monday, 28 August 2017

T.A. New review

“My favourite amazon tour. ”
Reviewed yesterday
My dad and I booked "my favourite Amazon tour". In all my travels I never met a more passionate and knowledgeable guide about nature like Gil. I think when you are visiting the Amazon it is a must to book a couple of days with Gil to get the real Amazon experience. We had the best time ever staying in a couple of beautiful places. Like Gils fantastic house overlooking the beautiful river and the two nights in the pristine rainforest which was just incredible. The last part we stayed on a fantastic boat in the floodplain- just beautiful. Gil and Celso thanks a lot for this fantastic memory- we couldn't have asked for a better guide and experience. I'm definitely coming back to this beautiful place.

Randy & Edie
Visited June 2017

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Getting it straight II

 It is hard for the inhabitants of Santarem to talk about the city without mentioning the confederados. They made history in Santarem and still do!
Some hundreds of families were brought here by Hasting known for the Donner Party. He was encouraged by the Brazilian(portuguese) royal family that had slave breeding colonies.

The fact is that the confederates who moved to Santarem gave up slavery and only a few families ended up having them. Taperinha was one of the farms slaves were working as slaves.

The confederates became friends and did business with my grand father Julio Serique, they were friends of my father Flavio Serique. My grand-mother is burried by Dave Rikers first wife at Fordlandia, I live in a property owned previously by the Waughon family, Flora's last birthday gift was bought from the Hennington''s and my best friend is a Jennings.

For us it is a lot more a story of love and no hate at all. We are not that stupid and at the worst a lot of us saw Tarantino's, if did not read a thick book about the American Civil war.

I am often lazy to write below the pictures I post on facebook. One day I had a group picture (cruiseship passengers) with a confederate flag after after talking about it. It was not a joke, but it was a fun thing to do, the fact is that the picture was taken, posted  and created got some confusion between me and a friend.

Just to clearify that friend on the left descends from a family of slaves. He passed away a few years ago. Benedito was his name. He did not know the meaning of the flag.

The fun part is what took me to get the flag....

I like using props in my tours, it is an effective to way to educate and stamp messages on people's mind. We used them as well during our English classes at my brothers school.

I have fish skulls to talk about the fish fauna, books, masks you name it.

The prop I wanted now was a confederate flag and I ended up being very surprised to know how difficult was to get one.

My first try was a friend from the USA. He did not even responded my email and he is a real friend.
My second attempt was a friend from Canada, he lives in the USA. I went to E-bay and sent him a link (he was coming a week later to visit me). His answer was....- Gil, If I buy that flag with my credit card, on the next day CIA and FBI together will be knocking on my door.

I finally got it from Bryan, ( an English friend I had for over 30 years, I think he is dead now) who sent it to me without posting the sender address.

It is clear now!

It is all about friends and History

Friday, 23 June 2017

Getting it straight

As a native guide I often use my own experiences to talk about different issues. For example if I want to talk about community life I mentioned Surucua my birthplace; rubber History I talk about my grand-father Julio Serique; If I want to talk about living isolated in the middle of a big chunk of pristine rainforest I mentioned Terra Rica, gold prospection, criminality, sex whatever it is all about me, me, me. I am an egocentric in a constant egotrip and in the end an Ace Guide!!!

There is a single day story that I lived and I often share with my guests if I want to refer to the expansion of soy beans in the Amazon. I though I had publishe in my blog before but I just found on my facebook.

When Erik Jennings was still on High-school we guided together. He was also a good friend of my other brothers so we became even better friends. I guess he also wanted to be a guide but then he decided in the end to become one of the best neuro surgeons in the world, consequently the only time left for us was for fun.

I can not forget the week-day because that his only day-off...Monday, the universal day of the wind.
Two years before that I was working with Dr. Charles Munn III, protecting and studying Hyacinth Macaws in Southwestern Bahia state where soybeans was already taking over Cerrado, a habitat that reminds you the African savanna.  The capital of my country was built in it, a good portion of it had been destroy
The meeting of the waters witn Santarem on the background

ed already, there is almost nothing left now!!!

The floodplain east of Santarem during dry season
9AM the telephone rings, it was him.
- Let us go windsurfing buddy!!!
- I dont think I can now....
- look, if you change your mind come over to Paju.(that how we call his place).

I went back to my room, took my last puff and drove to his place, of course. How can you say no when your best friend invites you to do what you like best for god sake!!!!

The Tapajos at the time, was for sure the most beautiful river and least polluted in the world.  Paju faced its immensitude. The wind was howling, Erik had just bought new Formula...we were happy like no TWO. We were taking pictures, laughing, screaming having an awesome time.

Lunch gets sort of better, he doesn't drink much, I do! I think he had some S. African wine...had some coffee and beiju de tapioca(sort of tapioca pancake)

At one point now about three he was on the phone.

- Who were you talking to buddy
- Let's go. He replied
I had never met a person with that name....

We jumped on his landrover and in ten minutes we were at the airport

Several months ago he had taken his flying license when working as a volunteer in a foundation in Houston, TX.

We flew eastward, then south, checked a bit west then flew back north....and that is the end of a almost happy day.

In one extreme I was crying of happiness to be with a good friend having a great time, in the other end sad for witnessing how far soy beans had gone. Right on my backyard.

What a day!

Cargill Port

Houston, Houston we have a problem


Saturday, 6 May 2017

OOops new review

“Highlight of our visit to Brazil”
Reviewed yesterday NEW
I am a wheelchair user, and was on a cruise around Brazil and up the Amazon to Manaus in March. It was difficult to find shore excursions suitable for wheelchair users, as I cannot access a normal tour bus owing to the steep steps. I found Gil's website some time before we left home, and following a number of email exchanges we booked ourselves on his wetlands day trip. Gil was very apologetic in advance about his perceived lacked of wheelchair facilities, however he need not have bothered. We were met at the port in Santarem and transported by taxi to his river boat. Yes, the general facilities for wheelchirs were not ideal, however his crew memebrs made sure that this was no problem for us, and I was successfully transferred to his river boat. The boat even had an ingeniously devised disabled toilet on board, and it was easy to see the sights as we spent the day cruising around the wetlands. We saw a fantastic variety of wildlife and plants on our cruise, and I even had the opportunity to catch a piranha during our lunch stop. Gil and his crew were great at pointing out the natural wonders along our way. This daytrip was definitely the highlight of our visit to Brazil - Gil's enthusiasm for welcoming guests and looking after the precious environment of the Amazon knows no bounds. If you want to see the best of the Amazon then I definitely recommed this tour.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New Reviwe on TA

 I really like and appreciate when people write dissertations on TA, but this brief one makes me really happy. It may have been written by my previous boss and good friend CM.
5 of 5 starsyesterdayReviewed by as12017
Gil is hands down the best guide I've ever had. Born in the area, he is extraordinarily engaging and knowledgeable. He remains a good friend despite the distance between us